Long Term Rental (LTR)

36 to 60 months on Quarterly Basis

Short Term Rental (STR)

3 to 36 months on Quarterly Basis

Why rent from us?

  • We give a new forklift on rent if the rent period is 36 month or more Generally, others provide a new forklift on rent when the rental is for 60 months
  • Fair Rental Pricing : The billing period for these rental is monthly, if the monthly usage by the borrowing client is more than the agreed upon hours the client is charged for the same. However, if the usage is less in any particular month it is not taken into account. This is the general trend. We@ilift, on the other hand are fair in our rental billing. We charge the customer monthly after setting off the underutilized hours if any within the quarter. So we claim to be a Fair Rental Pricing company.
    For instance: Client A rents the forklift for a quarter and agrees to pay RA 2400 for using it for 120 hours per month .In the first month he uses it for 90 hours, 2nd month for 150 hours and 3rd month for 120 hours then A will liable to pay for 30hours extra (let’s say 30 * RA 20=RA 600) in the 2nd month if A chooses any regular forklift rental company. However, if A chooses iLift as his renting partner then iLift will take into account the underutilisation in the first month to offset the over use in the 2nd month. So iLift will not charge anything extra from A for that quarter. While the regular company will take RA 3000 from A, iLift will bill him only for average usage and charge RA 2400 for the quarter.
  • We rent out Lithium ion battery forklift at a rent less than the rent charge for Lead Acid forklift.
    The Lithium ion battery operated forklift is definitely a smarter choice in terms of cost and energy efficiency.
  • We facilitate proactive maintenance of your rented forklift as the operation of its battery can be monitored through a cloud based application. As soon as you realize that the system is being misutilised or mishandled, you can take necessary preventive action which is sure to increase the operational efficiency.