Spin Go

SPIN-GO is an easy and extremely compact push-around vertical platform which helps in reaching highly positioned goods and merchandise in a safe and efficient manner. This superior alternative to ladders and podiums is usually helpful in supermarkets, malls, warehouses, libraries, archives etc.

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Specifications Metric Usa
Max. platform height 2168 7.11’
Max working height 4168 13.6’
Width 730 28.74’
Lenght 1155 45.47”
Entry height 363 14.29”
Height stowed 1480 58”
Operator bay capacity 130 Kg 286.6 lbs
Materials tray capacity 90 Kg 198.4 lbs
Transport hood tray capacity 90 Kg 198.4 lbs
Rated number of occupants 1 Person
Unit total weight 280 Kg 617 lbs