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Micropower motive power battery charger for forklift use
Micropower Access Chargers

This type of charger has been designed to optimise the battery charging cycle and to avoid damage to the battery during the charging phase. As the cost of truck batteries continuously increase it is most important to keep the battery in good condition in order to optimise its life.


  • Most Advanced charger that features many charging algorithms to suit battery types and capacities
  • Has built in battery rotation or FIFO system & can store charge cycle information on its memory for download
  • Shows fault if any on its LCD screen & can be programmed to charge batteries when low tariffs kick in
  • It automatically steps down to suit the load to AC current availability and above all communicates with other chargers and BMUs to effectively and efficiently charge your forklift battery
  • This all in one charger comes with innovative warranty options and is a name to reckon with when it comes to performance & reliability