Electric Tow Tug with 25 T towing capacity
Electric Tow Tug

Maini presents a new range of heavy duty tugs, specially designed for airports, defence, shipyards, heavy engineering industries and other demanding applications. Maini is the forerunner to introduce this indigenous technology for heavy towing applications.

Powered with the latest AC technology, Maini Tow Tug series is available in 2000, 15000 Er 25000 kgs towing capacities. It meets demanding applications for both indoor and outdoor operations. Numerous accessory options & safety features makes it an ideal equipment for increasing the efficiency of your day to day towing operations.

With Maini tugs in your facility, you will always make light work of heavy loads.

Product Features

  • Rugged Metallic Exterior
    Full metallic exterior for safety 6- efficiency in rugged environments
  • Excellent Ergonomics
    Ergonomically placed operator controls and clear visibility
  • Numerous Safety Features
    Features like Dead man's pedal, safety interlock, seat switch, inching facility to ensure maximum safety during operations
  • Varied Applications
    Customizable for various applications across different industries