Why you must use a rough terrain forklift!

19 Nov 2019

The most typical type of forklift used in every commercial site is rough terrain forklifts. Speaking in general, a rough terrain forklift differs from a normal lift truck in 2 major ways: they are operated by internal combustion engines, and have thick tyres which are made of thick layers of rubber consisting tread that allows operators to drive them over rough surfaces.

There are several reasons you can use a rough terrain forklift:

  • Perfect for outdoor activities- As rough terrain forklifts have inflatable tyres with thick rubber compound using them for any kind of outdoor construction becomes easier. They’re normally used to carry materials such as bricks, lumber, steel beams and concrete etc.
  • Strong rugged vehicle- Rough terrain forklifts are regarded as heavy-duty machines as they carry a lot of materials at a time. Rough terrain forklifts are undoubtedly rugged vehicles. They’re the perfectly calibrated counterbalance truck to provide a grip at the back of the lift that keeps the loads in a balanced way and prevents from tipping forward, rollovers. Some of the rough terrain forklifts have 4-wheel drive-system as well as 4 wheel steering system
  • Diesel run Rough Terrain Forklift- Internal combustion forklift plays as a powerful source for rough terrain forklifts. Since diesel comes at a cheap price, it tends to reduce the refueling time in rough terrain forklift.
  • Wide variety of attachments- The rising trend of rough terrain forklift has led many manufacturers develop rough terrain forklift with a variety of attachments to improve their utility. Additional safety features like articulating booms & rotating forks carriages allow the forklift to load materials smoothly and more accurately.
  • Strong tires- Strong rubber tires with thick treads to drive conveniently on rough or uneven surfaces. Rough terrain lift trucks are able to ride over bumpy grounds because of the traction that the tyres provide. Operators with rough terrain forklift can drive over rocks, sand, wood, mud, snow and even ice. These make them virtually unstoppable vehicles and most versatile one.

In nutshell, rough terrain forklift accounts for as the best type of forklift for construction sites where operators can drive and transport heavy tons of materials without any extra botheration to lose control over hazardous surfaces.