The Truth Behind 10 Popular Tyres Myth

27 Mar 2020

Tyres are known as the most important and most overlooked aspects of vehicles. No matter whether you are talking about commercial vehicles or domestic, tyres are always being ignored by the owners. However, here are 10 popular tyres myth and the truth behind them.

  • There is no need for wheel alignment all the time. Only they need while changing the tyres.
    Truth- Wheel alignment is needed at least one time within a year. It should be done after ten thousand kilometer intervals.
  • Front wheel is more important compared to the rear one.
    Truth- According to experts, almost all the four tyres are important for the vehicle. They need to be cared for collectively. When the time comes to change the tyres, all four should be changed at one time.3. Ignorance about tyres pressure. Just following blindly.
  • Ignorance about tyres pressure. Just following blindly.
    Truth- According to experts, tyres should be properly inflated for accurate performance. To know that an accurate amount of pressure, you have to follow the vehicle manual given with the vehicle.
  • Don’t pump too much air to the tyres, they may explode.
    Truth- If the tyres received extra air, they won't explode. They will only explode after running on a curb or a pothole.

  • Tyres won’t soft well if you'll use valve caps.
    Truth- Almost all the valve caps are properly designed to keep the water and external dust out to enter into the tyres. Without these caps, air would escape through the tyre rubber towards all directions and even on the valve cap hole. Therefore, it would be right to inflate the tyres properly and maintain the pressure on the right level.
  • If you have installed a bigger wheel along with low-profile tyers, your handling will confirm power.
    Truth- Low-profile tyres don't need any kind of improvement in handling the vehicle. Tyres are the same as per experts as far as vehicle handling is concerned.
  • New tyers are necessary for better performance.
    Truth- It is untrue that, new tyres are necessary for better performance. if the tyers are on the right condition, they will perform well just like a new one. Therefore, no need to change the tyers for better performance.
  • Spare tyers don’t need to change.
    Truth- Temporary spare tyres are designed for temporary solutions. They can’t be used as usual tyers. Therefore, it is important to change that after temporary use.
  • Not so sure, when you are going to change the tyers.
    Truth- Most of the vehicle owners depend on the tyre pressure monitoring systems to check out the condition of the tyers. However, the system is only to indicate the pressure and not the condition of the tyers.
  • If you use tyer repairing kit, you can’t patch the tyer anymore.
    Truth- Tyer repairing kit can be only used for a temporary fix and can't go permanent. Once the puncture is properly plugged in, you should come with the tyer to the service station for a permanent patch.