Meet the top 5 electric equipment fuelling warehouse revenue

10 Jan 2020

World is witnessing a spike on trade. There is a number of free trade agreements have signed between different countries and it fuels to increase the trade. However, to handle this increment, massive warehouse are required. However, most of the industry operators are following these guidelines to open up huge warehouses and manage it smoothly.

Managing huge warehouses has simplified with the help of electric equipments. Gone those days when warehouse operators were depending on ICE operated material handling equipments to manage their loads. At the present time, most of these warehouses have been upgraded with electric equipments. In this way, there is no need to invest in fuel for operating these equipments thus, the revenue of these warehouses are growing gradually.

Here is a list of 5 most used electric equipments those are helping warehouses to increase their revenue.

  • Electric Forklift - Electric forklifts are the most used material handling equipments being used in warehouses. Earlier, all most all these equipments were being run with diesel or Propane. Therefore, the operation cost was also high. With the induction of electric forklifts, there is absolutely no need to invest on fossil fuels and these equipments are digitally designed to meet the latest material handling requirement. Therefore, it will be a smart decision to switch from ICE to electric equipments.
  • Order Picker - When you have to manage huge warehouses, you need quick delivery of the loads. Order pickers are the perfect equipments those are being employed in order to fasten the orders and to deliver it. Electric order pickers are now cruising on warehouses. They are designed with latest electric sensors and they will make the material handling easier. These outstanding equipments are designed for flexible operation and they can be operated in narrow spaces.
  • Walkie Stacker - Walkie stackers work with the combination of machine and human. These pedestrian walk-behind stacker and they are working to lift the pallets to heights. These are available in different designs for dissimilar applications.
  • Reach Truck - Electronic reach trucks are popular to place the loads on high. These are being used extensively in warehouses and they can easily lift the loads to several levels of warehouse racks.
  • Electric Pallet Jack - When you need more power and accuracy than a manually driven pallet jack, electric pallet jacks are best to choose for. They are designed to meet the accuracy and can easily tackle a number of warehouse challenges. In this way operators won’t face any kind of physical challenge after long operation hours.