Maintaining Forklift Batteries Periodically

10 Oct 2019

Maintenance of forklift batteries is regarded as the most integral part of any facility management. A regular check-up of forklift batteries will undoubtedly save from unnecessary costs of repair and maintenance charges.

It is always suggested to hire trained service managers to do the periodic maintenance and inspection of forklift batteries. An expert in this field will establish appropriate ways for battery maintenance without affecting the safe working environment. To have a Preventive Maintenance Program at your disposal is a great way to keep your forklift battery in a good condition. If not maintained, failure of any forklift battery will jeopardize the entire operational activity in an industry.

Reasons why you should check upon your forklift batteries periodically...

  • Reason 1 – If the battery is kept in discharged mode for more than 24 hours; it will shorten its lifespan. Regular charging is considered to be an essential part of forklift battery maintenance.
  • Reason 2 – Best to switch off the charger before disconnecting battery plug as this will save some energy.
  • Reason 3 – Forklift batteries with dust leads to unhealthy functioning of forklifts. It will eventually damage the forklifts. Recommended to keep your battery surface clean by using an old toothbrush or wire brush.
  • Reason 4 – Inter-cell connectors, jars and vent caps should not be ignored as they are primary parts of a battery. Malfunctioning of any one of them will stop the overall functioning of the battery.
  • Reason 5 - The connections of battery should be put together clean and dry. Any kind of moisture or liquid substance damages the battery cells.
  • Reason 6 - Overcharging of batteries is highly dangerous; it can lead to short circuits and can also destroy the power source.
  • Reason 7 - Before adding any distilled water it is better to check electrolytes level to see if the battery even needs any topping. However, the level of electrolytes of forklift batteries should always be maintained at an equal level.
  • Reason 8 - A discharged battery should never be watered with any form of water and definitely not acid.
  • Reason 9 - Forklift batteries should not be discharged over 80% capacity.
  • Reason 10 - Extreme temperatures will shorten the life of batteries. Batteries should be stored between decent temperatures of 60 to 90 Fahrenheit and recharged monthly to maintain their charge.

Proper maintenance of your forklift batteries will help keep your batteries in better shape, improve performance for a longer period of time.