How to troubleshoot common problems in MHE

18 Dec 2019

If you are involved with supply chain business, chances are, you may face some of the operational issues while dealing with material handling equipments. Needless to mention, if these issues won’t get addressed instantly, it may hamper your business and may stretch your downtime. Therefore, maintenance of these equipments are necessary. Among many MHEs, forklift is one of the widely used equipments.

Here are maintained some common forklift issues and their solutions.

  • 1. Defective steering - Material handling equipments need flexible turns. They don’t have any specific operational tracks. This is the main reason; almost all the material handling equipments need 100% flexibility on steering. Sometimes forklift steering may not work according, this is due to low levels steering fluid transmission. It jams the wheel and affects operation.
    Solution - Make sure, there are proper availability of steering fluid. Check out the levels before starting operation. If there are any worn-out gears, change them immediately. They are another reason of faulty steering.
  • 2. Lift issues - Mast is known as the lifting mechanism and it is the main frame of the forklift. If that is not working properly, that equipment can’t raise or lower the materials properly. It happens due to malfunction of hydraulic system.
    Solution - Check out the hydraulic jacks and if there is any clog or leakage, change immediately. This is the main operational part of forklift. Replace other defective parts like oil filter or oil seals to solve this issue.
  • 3. Overheated engine - Engine gets overheated after a long operational hour.
    Solution - Check out radiator and make sure there is no blocks. Clean it gently with fresh water. Make sure that, thermostat is properly opened. In this way, the coolant will flow to engine and it gets cool instantly.
  • 4. Old tyres and suspension - It is true that, material handling equipments are not travelling long but they are carrying heavy loads. Therefore, the tyres need to be in well condition. Otherwise it may halt your operation if they get damaged permanently.
    Solution - Replace the old tyres and check out pressure before operation. You should do the same things with suspension systems. Otherwise, the vehicle may instable.

How iLift service will assist you to sort out these common problems?

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