How to resolve forklift battery issues?

14 Aug 2019

There are times when forklift batteries fail to function properly due to varied reasons.

  • Heat kills batteries. If immediately used after charging then they are hot a lot longer. The batteries should cool down after charging. It is advisable to let the batteries cool first for few hours after charging.
  • Using of tap water instead of filtered water. Tap water is a bad idea for batteries because they heat up more. The minerals in the water build up on the plates and it causes heat. It causes premature battery failure. To resolve this issue, use filtered water in batteries.
  • Check-out the Industrial Aqua Less Battery which can swallow water only once in three months.
  • Opportunity charging. To charge during 15 minutes breaks and lunch periods will significantly reduce the life of your battery. Batteries are made to draw down 80% and then be fully charged.
  • Layer of fine dust on battery surface. A dirty battery will cause a lot of problem. Corrosion will build up and shall ruin the cables, which will lower the battery performance. To avoid such trouble, take out a little time to just clean the top of the batteries.

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  • Regularly check the watering systems. The watering systems tend to be clogged during use at certain times. It happens, these are located in the lift and not taken out very often, so they get clogged and are gone unchecked, which will immediately burn the cells and makes them dried.
  • Using of a water de-ionizer. This comes as a cheap and effective solution to the problem of using filtered water. Switching to an automatic water gun will solve the problem. The battery will be filled up in seconds rather than the minute or so it takes to pour in filtered water from a bottle. This ensures an easy and painless filling process and eliminates the minerals that pollute the batteries and makes it for the lost productivity.
  • Monthly check up of cables and connections. Bad cables impact battery performance. An act of carelessness on this part will simply affect the battery’s charging and discharging ability. Make sure the connections are solid; this will allow electricity to pass through efficiently.
  • Taking care of the problem batteries. This is often overlooked by most of the companies for which underperforming batteries can draw heavy amount on electrical components of the lift truck, which tend to be very expensive to the thousands of dollars. The main problem arises when the battery gets low and it is used anyway.
  • Forklift batteries will last longer only if the above mentioned points are taken into account, which will save you from unnecessary time, labor and expenses.