How necessary the schedule maintenance for forklift is?

9 Jul 2019

A forklift or lift truck/ fork hoist/ fork truck/ forklift truck etc, simply means a vehicle which has two bars in the front for operating or moving and for lifting massive goods. Talking about its inception, forklift commencement was during the middle 19th century through the early 20th century. It was in the start of World War I, when the expansion of different types of material handling equipment began majorly in United Kingdom. Quoted by a Spanish fashion designer Manolo Blahnik “Maintenance is terribly important” holds quite a significant weight when it comes to preserving a certain thing. In other words, development is maintenance, just like the maintenance of our body, mind, soul, car, and house and other materials which we use in our daily lives.

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A forklift is after all, a vehicle which does a lot of work in an industrial application, and no matter what, maintenance of a forklift truck is forever and utmost priority of an operator. The role of a forklift has always been that of an indispensable piece of machinery in the world of manufacturing and warehousing. Forklift safety becomes essentially an important element to keep those maintenance costs at bay. Let’s point out the ways to protect a forklift;

How to protect the Forklift?

  • First and most basic necessity is to check the fluid levels (i.e diesel, water, hydraulic) each time whenever the forklift is not in use. Low level fluids are said to cause machine malfunctions.
  • Check tyre condition and pressure; because what’s the point of a damaged tyre or punctured tyre if it disrupts the operation of a lift truck
  • Forks must be in good state; Forks are the most vital part and, if it is handled carelessly it can cause some serious machine damages or worst case scenario, it will cause the loads to slip and hurt the employees.
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  • Safety devices that is driver’s seat belt, finger guards, switches must be working properly
  • Check wiring conditions, power steering motor brushes and commutator
  • Daily cleaning of the forklift is a must, keep that dust away from your forklift
  • If there is any visible damage, address the issue right away, as it can save you from spending thousand bucks on repairs in the future.

The wonders of a well-maintained forklift will deliver you a service of lifetime. Regularly following the above mentioned factors clearly denotes for a longer life-span of a forklift, saving costs and time of an industry as well as from unanticipated accidents!.