Forklift Tyres: The Definitive Guide for Buyers

18 Jan 2020

When you are talking about the forklifts, it would be the right way to consider different tyres. These are the main parts of the instruments those are not only bearing entire load of the instrument but also the weight of the loads those are going to lift in the warehouses. Without proper selection of types, nothing can be achieved in terms of operation or their parameters. This is the main reason for which, it would be great to know about the forklift tyres before going to buy them.

There are different type of tyres are available in market and some of them are given below.

Puncture Proof tyres

Puncture proof tyres are now being used popularly in market. These are robust and able to meet your operational needs. People who wants their forklifts for heavy duties with less downtime, they should go for puncture proof tyres. They don’t need any kind of pressure into them and in this way, they can’t give cushion effect. They don’t get punctured or go flat while operating. These kind of tyres are best to choose for light outdoor use.

Cushion tyres

These tyres are made with metal band and rubber attach to it. These are being used only for smooth surface and warehouse with concrete flooring where there is small space. All most all these cushion tyres are turning radius those are small compared to pneumatic tyres.

Pneumatic tyres

Pneumatic tyres are just same as the truck tyres. They filled with air and thick to carry out the heavy loads. These are also deep tread, strong wear-resistant rubber. All most all the operators are choosing these tyres because they easily extend the running life of the forklift by providing cushion effect by reducing friction between the forklift and the tyres. These are perfect choice for heavy duties and able to carry out operations in rouge surface.

Mark less tyres

Mark less tyres is efficient and they won’t leave any kind of mark on operational surface. Therefore, it would be great to choose them for indoor operation. Most of the warehoused those are storing grocery and food processing products, they do use these tyres heavily.

Foam filled tyres

Foam filled tyres are perfect to use for heavy duties. They are filled with special resin those will always create a cushion effect. These tyres are popular for their defying punctures. These are just as air-filled tyres and able to make a great impact on operation.