20 Warehouse safety majors can prevent accidents

25 Oct 2019

Warehouses generally are unhealthy and unsafe place to work in. Often many industries try to overlook warehouse safety procedures resulting in severe injuries or in extreme cases death.

Following certain guidelines strictly can help curb accidents in warehouse:

  • Foremost important thing every warehouse can do is sign up for Forklift operator awareness program or forklift safety tips and training. It is significantly important to understand that every operator should be highly qualified to drive a lift truck.
  • Protective clothing is something every operator must wear while working in the warehouse.
  • Conduct a daily forklift equipment inspection to ensure all the controls are working.
  • Always neatly stack the objects to prevent them from falling. This will also protect your valuable products along-with the safety of the employees.
  • Operators should also be trained to drive a forklift slowly in congested areas.
  • It is always advised to put up warning signs and mechanisms near hazardous areas.
  • Must wear seat-belt installed by the manufacturer.

  • Ensure that every warehouse floor is free of slippery surfaces. Employees should be made aware that the floor is free of liquids or any other hazardous items.
  • Should never drive a lift truck or pallet truck towards a person or any fixed object like a wall or stacked items.
  • Keeping pass-ways and aisles clear and free of any objects
  • In conveyors warehousing, workers can easily get caught up in pinch points or are being struck by falling objects or items. Ensure proper safeguarding appliances between the conveyor and the worker.
  • Improper manual handling or lifting of goods can cause serious physical injuries. To avoid this, operators can minimize the need for lifting by opting good engineering techniques.
  • Applying proper ergonomic tricks and posture and applying special task training too can prevent major mishaps.
  • An operator can also take the help of his co-worker in case of heavy products.
  • Every equipment must be free from moisture. Keep wires and cords off of floor and away from water.
  • rohibit the use of flammable substances in and around charging stations. This can lead to fire and explosions. Ensure fire extinguishers are nearby and in good working condition.
  • Adequate ventilation system in the warehouse must be provided to diffuse harmful gases.
  • There should be proper supply of Personal Protective Equipment for each and every employee.
  • Make use of industrial safety products from the market such as column guards & protectors, hand railing, guard rails, end of aisle guards, safety gates, wire enclosures and more.
  • Every warehousing operation should have a Lock-Out or Tag-Out (LOTO) safety procedures to ensure if there is any dangerous machine or equipment, which needs to be properly shut-off until it is repaired.