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Electric Stackers

heavy load stacking electric stacker for rental
Electric Stackers

Maini's range of stackers are designed to enhance productivity, ensure safety and optimize returns. Our comprehensive portfolio has something for every application, accounting for different space limits, load sizes, floor conditions, operation time and other needs.

Maini's command over innovation, engineering and design is fortified by its commitment to quality and dedicated service. In line with its legacy of innovation, Maini's stackers excel through advanced electronic control, ergonomics Er manoeuvrability. Ensuring enhanced work-flows and boosted productivity, Maini Stackers are a value addition now as well as in the long run.

With Maini in your facility you can stack heavy loads easily, ergonomically, efficiently and smartly.

Optional Features

  • Enhanced Safety
    Parking brake actuator ensures automatic cut off to power supply
  • Effortless Speed Control
    Micro-processor based motor controller for precise and step-less throttle control programmable for specific needs
  • Efficient Drive Unit
    Powered by AC motor technology in a fully enclosed lubricated gearbox
  • Electric Er Hydraulic System
    Single 2L-I V cross-mounted battery of capacity 330 Ah @ C5, 2z-10 Ah @ C5, L-120 Ah @ C5.
    2kW pump motor with an integrated reservoir. Steel piping connects hydraulic components. Brake valve is inserted to control lowering speed.