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Micropower Sharp Chargers

Micropower group sharp charger for electric forklift batteries
Micropower Sharp Chargers

Sharp is an energy-efficient high frequency battery charger. It is a regulated, primary switched charger with charging curves that suit most battery types and applications. The charging process is optimized so that the battery is fully charged in the shortest time possible, with as low water consumption and wear on the battery as possible. Many of the Sharp chargers are a perfect choice for on-board charging.

Charging :

The Sharp chargers are controlled by the integrated microcomputer. The chargers are equipped with 1 to 3 charging curves as standard, including in most models one with ionic mixing, which efficiently reduces the charging time.


Charging progress is indicated by a diode that glows orange during charging, green at full charge and flashes red if an error occurs.

  • The charger requires a counter voltage from a battery in order to start
  • The outlet is protected electronically against faulty connections and short-circuit
  • The charger works with different shutoff times. If these times are exceeded, the charger is turned off
  • Automatic output limitation if cooling is insufficient
  • Soft start before the charger reaches full output
  • It can work in Dusty environment, Outdoor use, Cold store, Tropical environment, Moisture resistant