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Battery Management Systems

Wireless BMU by Micropower Group
Battery Management Systems

Micropower battery management system consists of highly efficient programmable high frequency chargers, BMU battery monitoring units and USB service tool. Communication between the units is wireless, by radio. Programming and follow up is made through personal computer using the service tool.


  • 30 Preprogrammed charging curves for “all” types of batteries
  • Suitable for multi shift operations
  • Fast Charging and opportunity charging with standard chargers
  • Stores data from last 2000 charge cycles
  • Can Bus control makes it suitable for Li-Ion batteries
  • Multi voltage charger, easy to program battery voltage, Ah, charging curve and other functions such as equalize charging or automatic battery watering
  • BBC Best Battery Choice: Helps the truck operator to change to the best battery in a fleet, only one green LED shows the best battery in a group
  • Wireless communication between Chargers